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Trending AI images generator free 2024 | arifkitech:

Today, these images are trending on all social media platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram etc.

So if you guys also want to create some images like this for your social media accounts, how can you do it?

So creating images in this way is very easy, there is nothing difficult in it, within a few seconds you guys can create images like this in just one click, so you learn the whole way how we can create images like this.

So first of all sign up being images generator site:

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Bing Image Generator doesn’t have a specific sign-up process. It’s a web-based tool that allows users to customize and generate images using a variety of elements and features.

To use Bing Image Generator:

Access the Website:

Open your web browser and visit the Bing Image Generator website.

Explore Features:

Explore the available features such as selecting images, adding text, incorporating elements, adjusting colors, and more.

Customize Image:

Customize your image using the provided tools and options.

Preview and Save:

Preview your creation and look for options to save or download the generated image.


Export the image in your preferred format (e.g., PNG).

Share (Optional):

If the platform allows sharing, you might have the option to share your image directly.

For create images:

Step 1: Access Bing Image Generator

Open your web browser and navigate to the Bing Image Generator website.

Click on bing images generator and open this site 👇

Bing images generator 

Step 2: Explore Image Categories

Browse through the available image categories to find a suitable base image for your creation.

Step 3: Select an Image

Click on the chosen image to open it in the Bing Image Generator interface.

Step 4: Customize Image

Utilize the customization options such as text, stickers, and effects to modify the image to your liking.

Step 5: Add Text

Click on the “Text” tool to insert and customize text. Adjust font, size, color, and position.

Create photos for couples 👇

A couple 3d is standing on a mountain, wearing a black jacket and jeans “A” is written on the back of the boy’s jacket, “S” written on the back of the girl’s jacket, both are hugging each other.

Create ai attitude boy or girl images👇

Create a 3D illusion for a profile picture where a 20 Year old boy in a black shirt Sitting casually on a Wingback Chair. Wearing sneakers,a black cricket cap, and sunglasses, he looks ahead. The background features “AHMED” in big and capital white fonts on the dark grey wall. There should not be his shadow, and there are wings to make it appear as if he is an angel.

Step 6: Add Elements (Optional)

Explore the “Elements” section to add shapes, symbols, or decorative elements to enhance your image.

Step 7: Adjust Colors

Use the color customization tools to adjust the colors of text, elements, or the overall image.

Step 8: Preview

Preview your customized image to ensure it meets your creative vision.

Step 9: Save Image

Once satisfied, look for an option to save or download your customized image.

Step 10: Export

Export your image in a preferred format (e.g., PNG) for use in various applications.

Step 11: Share (Optional)

If the Bing Image Generator provides sharing options, you can share your creation directly from the platform.

Step 12: Provide Feedback

Optionally, consider providing feedback on the Bing Image Generator platform to contribute to its improvement.

Creating images with Bing Image Generator offers a user-friendly and creative experience. Experiment with different features to craft unique visuals for various purposes.

So I hope you guys understand the whole method.

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