How to create 3D Ai social media images | New trend on social media | arifkitech

How to create 3D Ai social media images | New trend on social media | arifkitech :

Images like this are trending on social media these days.

Creating images in this way is very easy, nothing is difficult in it.

So we learn all the ways how we can create images like this

So let’s go :

First of all open your chrome browser and search on Google being image generator.

Step 1: Open Bing Image Generator

Visit the Bing Image Generator website on your browser.

Step 2: Explore Image Categories

Navigate through the available image categories to find a base image for your creation.

Step 3: Choose Image

Click on the chosen image to open it in the generator interface.

Copy this 👇

Create a 3D illustration featuring a realistic 18 year-old beautiful young boy busy to writing a coding on a chair in front of a 3d logo of TikTok. The character should have Sneakers shoes, with glasses, The background of the image should showcase a social media profile page and the username ARIF KHAN

Step 4: Customize Image

Utilize the customization options such as text, stickers, and effects to modify the image to your liking.

Step 5: Add Text

Click on the “Text” tool to insert and customize text. Adjust font, size, color, and position.

Step 6: Add Stickers

Explore the “Stickers” section to add pre-designed elements to your image. Resize and reposition as needed.

Step 7: Apply Effects (Optional)

Experiment with available effects to enhance or modify the overall look of your image.

Step 8: Preview

Use the preview option to see how your modifications look before finalizing.

Step 9: Download Image

Once satisfied, click on the download or save option to save your customized image to your device.

Step 10: Share (Optional)

If the Bing Image Generator allows sharing directly, use the provided options to share your creation.

Step 11: Explore More

Feel free to repeat the process, exploring different images and customization options for varied creations.

Step 12: Provide Feedback

If applicable, consider providing feedback on the Bing Image Generator platform to contribute to its improvement.

Bing images generator site 👇

Bing images generator 

Creating images with Bing Image Generator is a creative and user-friendly process. Enjoy experimenting with the available tools to craft unique and pepersonalised visuals.

So I hope you guys you understand the whole method.

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