TikTok Happy New year 2024 Capcut trending template | arifkitech

TikTok Happy New year 2024 Capcut trending template | arifkitech

As you guys know that Happy New Year 2024 is coming and people make different videos for it.

And nowadays this template of cap kit is going viral very fast and it has become a trend.

Whoever makes a video on this template, his video goes viral, so if you guys haven’t made a video on this template yet, make it quickly, your video can go viral.

So how can we make a video on this template let’s learn the whole method.

So let’s go :

Step 1: Open CapCut App

Launch the CapCut app on your device.

Step 2: Explore Templates

Look for New Year 2024 templates in the CapCut template library. Tap on the “Templates” section.

Step 3: Choose New Year Template

Browse through the available templates and select a Happy New Year 2024 template that suits your style.

Happy New year 2024 Capcut template šŸ‘‡


Step 4: Import Your Media

Some templates might have placeholders for videos or images. Replace these with your own New Year footage or images.

Step 5: Customize Text

Edit the text in the template to include your personalized New Year greetings or messages.

Step 6: Adjust Duration

If needed, adjust the duration of each template segment to match the length of your chosen media.

Step 7: Add Music

Incorporate New Year-themed music into your video. Use CapCut’s music library or import your own.

Step 8: Preview

Preview the template-based video to ensure it aligns with your vision.

Step 9: Fine-Tune Edits

Make any necessary adjustments, such as trimming or rearranging clips, to refine your New Year video.

Step 10: Apply Effects (Optional)

Enhance your video with additional effects or filters to give it a festive look.

Step 11: Save Project

Save your project within CapCut if you plan to make further edits later.

Step 12: Export

Tap on the export or save button to save your Happy New Year 2024 video to your device.

Step 13: Share

Share your celebratory video on social media platforms or with friends and family.

Embrace the spirit of the New Year with a beautifully crafted video using CapCut’s templates. Enjoy the creative process and share your joy with your audience!

So I hope you guys understand the whole method.

If you hell guys any questions or comments me.

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