TikTok trending poetry video editing on capcut | Arifkitech

TikTok trending poetry video editing on capcut | arifkitech:

These days videos like this are trending a lot on Tik Tok.

Anyone who edits videos like this and uploads them on Tik Tok has a high chance of going viral.

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So if you guys also want to make a video like this and you guys don’t know how to make a video like this, how to edit it, then I’m going to teach you the whole way.

So let’s go

Step 1: Open CapCut App

Launch the CapCut app on your device.

Step 2: Import Poetry Lyrics

Type or copy and paste the poetry lyrics you want to use in your video. Save it as a text file for easy access.

Step 3: Start a New Project

Tap on the “Create” or “+” button to start a new project.


Step 4: Add Background Image or Video

Import a background image or video that complements the mood of the poetry. You can use CapCut’s built-in library or your own media.

Step 5: Add Text

Tap on the “Text” option and input the poetry lyrics. Adjust the font, size, color, and position as needed.

Step 6: Adjust Duration

Set the duration of each text segment to match the pace of the poetry. Use the timeline to make precise adjustments.

Step 7: Enhance with Effects (Optional)

Explore CapCut’s effects library to add subtle enhancements to your video. Consider using filters or overlays.

Step 8: Incorporate Music

Import background music that complements the poetic theme. Adjust the volume to balance the audio.

Step 9: Emphasize Keywords (Optional)

Use text animations or effects to emphasize key words or phrases in the poetry.

Step 10: Add Transitions

Include smooth transitions between text segments to create a seamless flow in your poetry video.

Step 11: Preview

Preview your video to ensure the text, background, and music blend harmoniously.

Step 12: Make Final Adjustments

Fine-tune any details, such as timing, transitions, or effects, to perfect your poetry lyrics video.

PNG for poetry videos👇


Step 13: Save Project

Save your project within CapCut for future edits or revisions.

Step 14: Export

Tap on the export or save button to save your poetry lyrics video to your device.

Step 15: Share

Share your poetic creation on social media platforms, or with fellow poetry enthusiasts.

Crafting poetry lyrics videos on CapCut provides a creative outlet to express the emotion and depth of written words. Enjoy the process of bringing your poetry to life through visuals and sound.

So I hope you guys understand the whole way method.

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